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Proform C525 for Christmas

While looking for some good treadmills to review for gift giving, I ran across many AMAZING DEALS that was offering, including the Proform C525! Most middle of the road treadmills usually start at around $500 and usually top out at $1200. has many buyers, ranging from the wealthy, looking for a good deal to “Joe the Plumber”. The average American will usually not shell out more than a Grand for a piece of fitness equipment, unless they are avid runners or have owned many of the “disposable” pieces that are sold every year to unknowing consumers that hope to achieve greatness at the 1st of every year. That is why the Proform C525 is at a perfect $$$$!

I was very impressed with the huge selection on and noticed that they are offering the Proform C525 for $614, including shipping to your door (and no sales tax!)! This is a fantastic value for anyone in the market for his or her first treadmill or anyone who enjoys walking at fast paces. This treadmill has great looks and will serve anyone well that has just become interested in fitness, but if you are already in good shape and plan on using the C525 daily and for long periods, you may want to continue looking at the rest of the site.

This treadmill is not made for those that are avid runners, if you do become an avid runner during your use of this machine and have the time to baby and maintain with care, this treadmill will probably outlast you ( because you will want to upgrade for stability and speed purposes). I would recommend this treadmill to any family or friend that is looking for a test treadmill to decide if they are really willing to stick with your regimen or enjoy walking outside, but can not due to the upcoming inclimate weather.

This treadmill has a 2.75 THP (1.75 CHP) motor that seemed to keep pretty good pace with me, but at about 6.5 MPH really started to feel like it was struggling a little and also felt a little wobbly. It does feature a 0 to 10 % incline and a dual grip EKG Heart rate monitor that you have to hold onto to find and register pulse ( CON), but registered accurate with my personal Chest heart rate monitor ( PRO). The C525 has 6 workout programs and 2 heart rate workouts that are all available with the QuickSelect feature, which is great for people wanting to hop on and take off. This treadmill does have a 300 pound weight limit, but I would that would be for walking only! I would think running would top out at 250 lbs. There are also some nice little features like a fan, 19 X 50 inch walking area, this treadmill folds for ease in storage and a 12-year warranty on the motor and 90 days on everything else.

Overall, great value, great price and ships directly to your door for a little over $600! Not a bad deal! Happy Shopping!

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