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Ohiyo to all of my readers, the temperatures sure are nice around this time of year, but it is sure to change quickly. Here are some tips and suggestions for what you can do outside before the temperatures plummet, and outdoor conditions are unfit for exercising.

It is true, as you can tell from this internet meme, Winter is definitely coming. While I don’t know where this picture or quote originates, I can attest to its truthfulness. It is a fact, and science says that Summer officially ends on Friday, September 21. Of course then Fall starts, but it is fall, Winter is just around the corner! Fall and Winter means that temperatures will drop and the outside world will no longer be fit for exercising, or pretty much any outdoor activity. Until then, however, we get to enjoy the nice cool weather that precedes Winter! Here are some things that you should go out and do before you are confined to your treadmill!


This the number one thing! Walk, jog, or run; whichever you choose, it is going to give you a decent cardio workout, which we all know is very important. You can run solo, or with a buddy; you can just go for a casual walk with your family; all are great. The main thing is to just get outside and enjoy some fresh air and exercise! You are going to want to enjoy it while you are still able to! Before you are trapped in your house, running on your treadmill.

Play Some Sports

This doesn’t even need to be an official thing; all you need to do is grab a bunch of your friends that have a common sport that you all like, get together like once a week to play, and have fun! That’s seriously all there is to it. By getting out with your friends and running around the field, or court, or whatever you choose to do, you are being active and getting a workout. You can do any sport, even swimming if you like; but in the spirit of being outdoors, you could find an outdoor lap pool!

Go For A Hike

Hikes are great. Even more so if you live in a place that has a lot of trails, or even just beautiful scenery. This would obviously prove more difficult for people living in a big city; but you could grab some friends and make a trip out of it to go to a beautiful place and hike. Notice that most of these are done with friends… Because we all know that you will have more fun with a group than you will by yourself!

Bike Rides

These are also a great thing to do while the temperatures are nice. Getting out and riding your bike is a great way to get out and check out some scenery and get a pretty great workout. Again, you can go out with a group and maybe have a more enjoyable time! While you won’t get as good of a workout as you would running, you are able to keep more energy and go for a longer period of time.

There you have it! Those are some great activities you can do while the weather is nice. It’s great to have fun while you work out because it keeps you motivated to continue doing it. Now since Winter will be here in no time, be sure to look at some treadmill reviews so you can decide on the best machine. I would certainly recommend the powerful NordicTrack Elite 9500 Pro!

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