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Yet another great guest article! This one is from Diana Maria, who writes for She is a professional blogger and loves writing about technology. She also likes reading various articles on ecofriend. Here is her article about some exercises that don’t even feel like they are exercise! Enjoy!

Most of us simply detest the boredom of hitting the gym and slogging it out. The endless wait behind getting hold of the elliptical machine next and the countless number of crunches just makes workouts equivalent to a punishment. Wouldn’t it be fun if we worked out without knowing it, or perhaps doing it in a way that a workout does not seem like a workout at all? The answer would definitely be a ‘yes’, as we all dream of svelte and toned bodies, but are more or less unwilling to go through the slogging gym routine. So don’t be burdened by exercise and try to be more creative in deriving fun out of workouts. Here are ten fantastic ways to keep yourself slim and trim, without even knowing that you are working out!

1. Invest in a swingset

We all have unconsciously exercised constantly as kids – running, jumping and playing all the time. Go back into your childhood and find your way back into the playground. There are some fun exercise routines that you can do by using a simple swing set that helps in toning the body. Buy yourself a CD and follow it to get a complete workout in a fun way!

2. Buy a trampoline and jump around

Another great fun activity that would help you burn the flab would be bouncing on a trampoline. Not only is it fun but it is also a great calorie buster. Studies show that only ten minutes of trampoline jumping is equivalent to half an hour of running. You can even do some cool moves on the trampoline and get some extra benefits like the “starfish” where you have splay out your arms and legs, or the “seat drops” in which your legs have to be parallel to the ground and then you have to bounce back on your bottom.

3. Have a splash in the water with standup paddleboarding

Standup paddleboarding is the latest workout routing that is fun and entertaining. This intense activity has the capacity to help you burn anything between 500-700 calories in one single hour! It helps in serious toning of your arms, back and core muscles. You could take this a step further by doing other moves like modified push-ups and yoga poses too!

4. Outdoor elliptical

Take the elliptical out in the open and invest in the latest ElliptiGO bike which creates a feeling of running outside without any risk to your joints. Not only will you derive physical benefits out of this, but the outdoor environment will certainly boost your energy and revitalize your senses.

5. Give burlesque a shot

The year 2008 saw pole dancing as one great exercise, with many people adopting it as a fun exercise. Why not adopt its sensuous sister Рburlesque dancing Рwith its fast paced dancing which is a mix of bump-and-grind, hip hop and jazz for a perfectly toned body. This form of dance also helps in increasing flexibility.  Basically any dance can be fun while also giving you a great workout.

6. Try waterless surfing

You don’t need the beach and perfect waves to surf. Now take the water out of surfing by hopping on to a dry board to get a fantastic workout. This board called RipSurfer Xis a fitness equipment that simulates water surfing. This is a great cardio workout that involves a lot of concentration and works out your core muscles as you are required to stay on the surfing board throughout.

7. Try juggling

Burning 280 calories in an hour and that too only by juggling can be a dream come try for many of us. This is the benefit of juggling and you can learn it via a program called JuggleFit. Juggling strengthens your core muscles, helps coordination and makes you stress free too!

8. Skipping for fun

Skipping was a favorite recess game for girls. You can relive your childhood play sessions by using the jump rope for burning out calories. You can accompany rope jumping with some music to help you feel motivated. Skipping burns calories fast apart from increasing agility and strength.

9. Hop around

Another great fun activity you perhaps did as a kid was Kangoo hopping. Wear comfortable padded shows and hop around. Kangoos can help you burn 50% more calories that a normal cardio workout by burning a whopping 750-1500 calories in one hour!

10. Fun boot camp

You can give a new meaning to boot camps by making them fun. There are many fun boot camps that help you burn 800 calories in one session. Outdoor boot camps in scenic locations only add on to the fun element and make workouts seem great!

Workouts are fun and exciting if they are done in a fun manner. Outdoor activities that have some semblance of what we had done as children is something that is catching and attractive.

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