Livestrong 10.0T compared to Healthrider H95T

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The contestants for the day are the Livestrong LS 10.0T and the Healthrider H95T.

Today we’ve got a couple of lightweights pitted against eachother. The best of these two treadmills will move onto the next tier. The place we’ll start today is in the strength. Both treadmills have a 2.75 CHP motor. Like I have said before, I would recommend staying at 3.0 or higher, but if you can’t fit that into your budget, 2.75 CHP wouldn’t be the end of the world. If you’re over 250 lbs, and run a lot, I would not recommend either of these. If you’re light, then you should be okay. Livestrong motors are known to be quiet and smooth, and many consumer reviews praise if for its quality and feel. The Healthrider motor is pretty much average in noise and quality. When it comes to the frame, the Livestrong has more steel and better design, which makes it feel sturdier and stronger than the Healthrider. Neither are terribly weak or rickety, but Livestrong is stronger. Both claim a 325 lb weight capacity, but, as I mentioned before, a consistent 325 lb runner would likely crack or break the deck after not too long. Go for a higher-end model if you’re over 250 lbs.

As far as entertainment and technology goes, both are pretty basic. The Healthrider’s is better, featuring a small blue LCD touch screen. The screens on both are tiny blue LCD screens that display the basics, which is really all you need, but isn’t too exciting when you see all the new stuff that’s floating around on newer treadmills. Both have Ipod/Mp3 players with built in speakers. I prefer headphones over the speakers. The speakers really aren’t that great, and don’t cover up the clomping of your feet and the sound of the engine like headphones do. The Livestrong does have its own progress tracking system, but it has got to be the most tedious and outdated process there is. Hooking up a USB to the treadmill, turning on the tracking, and uploading it to your computer and to the internet after each workout, requires more dedication than working out does. Even the interface that Livestrong gives you to track is hard to follow and use. Livestrong seems pretty excited about it, but I definitely don’t see it as a selling point. Healthrider offers Ifit Live technology on the H155t which wirelessly connects and does everything automatically. I give Ifit a 10 and Livestrong’s Livetrack system a 2 on usability and effectiveness.

Cushioning is better on the Livestrong. Neither offer a very pronounced cushion, but it’s more than the Healthrider. The Livestrong has a 20″ x 55″ running belt, while the Healthrider has a full 20″ x 60″. This is a big plus for Healthrider. At this price, most treadmills lose those last 5″ on the deck, but healthrider hung on to theirs. If you’re short, it doesn’t make a big difference, but if you’re tall, you’ll value those 5 inches. Lastly, both treadmills reach 12MPH and 12% Incline. The Livestrong has a fan which the Healthrider doesn’t, and the Healthrider has 22 workouts, while the Livestrong has 12.

Here’s a little comparison table:
Weaker specs are shaded out.

Livestrong 10.0T

  • 2.75 CHP Motor
  • 325 lbs weight capacity
  • 12MPH
  • 12% Incline
  • 20″ x 55″ treadbelt
  • MaxComfort cushioning
  • Heart Rate (slow) contact grips
  • 12 workouts
  • LIVEtrack progress tracker
  • fold up
  • Workout Fan
  • Lifetime Frame and Motor
  • 3 year parts, 1 year labor
Healthrider H95T

  • 2.75 CHP Motor
  • 325 lbs weight capacity
  • 12MPH
  • 12% Incline
  • 20″ x 60″ treadbelt
  • SoftTrack cushioning
  • Heart Rate contact grips
  • 22 workouts
  • Ifit Live compatible (extra)
  • fold up
  • Touch Screen Blue LCD
  • Lifetime Frame and Motor
  • 1 year parts, 1 year labor

Well, the winner of this is going be debatable and subjective, but with my experience I will dub the Livestrong LS10.0 the winner of this close game. Livestrong pins the Healthrider with its warranty. 1 year parts and labor warranties automatically make me hesitant, and with Livestrong’s 3 year warranty, and slightly better quality overall, they take the round.

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