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Hello everybody, I must apologize for neglecting you. It feels like forever since my last update! I hope you haven’t missed me too bad. Well I’m coming back at you with some pretty important news. Read on.

Once again, NordicTrack is holding a pretty big sale for the weekend. They’ve marked down some of their top models. Let’s take a gander at a few of their machines that have been marked way low.

C900 Pro

This is, without a doubt, one of NordicTrack’s best treadmills. It comes with the super powerful 3.0 HP motor, with a durable deck supporting up to 350 lbs. This treadmill also comes loaded with features like iFit Compatibility, incline training, and 32 workout apps. This one has been marked down extremely low, to $949.

Audiostrider 990 Pro

This is by far NordicTrack’s best-selling elliptical trainer, and has been named a best buy from a leading consumer magazine, 4 years straight. It comes with a 20-23″ adjustable stride, 24 levels of resistance, 15°-40° power ramp, and this one also comes with the iFit technology compatibility.

NordicTrack x9i

Also included in the sale is the all powerful x9i incline trainer. This one comes with everything: 3.0 HP motor, 350 lb. weight capacity, -6-40% incline, along with the iFit live technology built in to the machine; meaning that you don’t need to buy the wireless module for it to work.

Those are just some of the machines featured in the sale. If you are thinking of buying, you better do it quick for two reasons: First, this sale ends Monday; and second, this is the time of year where treadmill manufacturers mark down the current year’s models the lowest so they can get rid of them for when they roll out the next year’s models. So get one while they are super cheap!

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