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Review of: NordicTrack X5i

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On July 31, 2012
Last modified:August 3, 2012


This was a great treadmill in its day, and is still decent; but since there is an upgraded version of the treadmill that is cheaper, that might be a smarter choice.

Good day everybody, I’m back with another treadmill review at a glance. Today’s treadmill is the NordicTrack X5i, see how it compares with other NordicTrack treadmills!

So I’m sure most of you know that NordicTrack makes very nice incline trainers, like the X9i interactive, their most popular one. Well, they all had to start somewhere, and the X5i was one of their first in a long line of quality incline trainers. This one’s upgrade is the X7i, and that one’s superior is the very popular X9i interactive, and NordicTrack has even gone further with the X11i Commercial.

The X5i is what set the standard for their high quality incline trainers. It’s incline range will push your workout’s limits and give you an extremely good workout. It’s motor is on the smaller size, but then not many people run full speed with a big incline. They have improved the motor size with the later models like the X9i though. This is a great treadmill, but because it since they have upgraded it a couple times, they don’t have any in stock nor does it look like they ever will. You might as well get the X9i if you want an incline trainer; it has the upgraded motor, iFit LIVE, and the built-in browsing tablet, for a cheaper price. Check the X5i out, AT A Glance!

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