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Today the Treadmill Sensei is posting from his room at Ceasar’s Palace here in Las Vegas. Sure Mrs Sensei and I took the weekend off to go and have some fun, but she’s sleeping and what she doesn’t know won’t hurt me!

Last night I received an email from a reader who just purchased a Spirit ZE120 and had a question about a little white tube she found in the packaging of the elliptical. Take it away, Carol!

Hey Sensei,

Thanks for your advice on the ZE120. It was a great deal, and seems like a great machine. I was wondering if you could answer another question. When assembling the machine, we were given a tube of lube, but not told where to use it? Do you know which parts should have the lube applied to them? Thanks again for your help! -Carol V


Thanks for the note. About which parts need lube…that sounds like a personal question! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. The little white tube of lube (why Spirit decided to put a completely plain white tube in a lot in completely plain white packing material is beyond me — lots of people accidentally throw their tubes away!) is used to lubricate the shiny elliptical rails on the Spirit ZE120. What it does is reduce the friction between the rails and the wheels which the elliptical runs on.

Lubrication on the Spirit ZE120 and its brothers (the ZE110, XE125, XE150 and XE350) is pretty simple. Squirt a little lube on your finger and then run it along the rails. Then, use the Spirit ZE120 for a minute or so and you’ll notice the difference — the machine will be a lot quieter and run a lot smoother. It will also help elongate the life of your elliptical.

Thanks again for your note, Carol, and good luck with your lube!

-The Treadmill Sensei

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