Reader Mailbag – The Spirit XE150 vs the Spirit XE350 Elliptical

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Today your Treadmill Sensei tries to help out a customer with a question about a couple of Spirit Ellipticals. Sometimes it gets confusing even when trying to compare two ellipticals from the same company. Let’s see if we can help her out!

I am looking for a decent elliptical machine without spending a ton of money. In looking at your reviews for both the Spirit XE150
and the Spirit XE350, I noticed that you gave the XE150 five golden buddahs and the XE350 only 4 golden buddahs. But your reviews for them seem similar other than some differences in features. Can you tell me why one got a slightly better review than the other? Also, have you had a chance to look at the Spirit XE550?
Thank you. –Britt


Thanks for your note! You’ve actually asked a pretty easy question for me to answer. I rate ellipticals and treadmills on not only their features and specifications but also on their price point. In other words, if the Spirit XE150
elliptical and the Spirit XE350 elliptical were both priced at $50 (I’m just making up a price here), then the XE350 would blow the XE150 away. However, since there is a price difference between the two, I rate the XE150 a bit higher because of the price — I don’t think the XE350 gives you quite as much for your dollar as the XE150. Also, the compeition in the price range is fierce and I’m comparing the ellipticals against each other.

It’s not a scientific system…it’s just based on my experience and gut reaction.

You can check out the Spirit XE150 review HERE and the Spirit XE350 elliptical review HERE. The XE550 was in my top rated list for the $1500-$2000 price range. I haven’t done an XE550 review yet, but keep an eye out here over the next couple of weeks and I’ll try to get one up.

Thanks again Britt and I hope this helps!

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-The Treadmill Sensei

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