Sole F85 vs. Nordictrack Reflex 4500

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Our test subject treadmills today are the Sole F85 and the Nordictrack Reflex 4500

The Sole F85 is Sole’s biggest and baddest folding treadmill. The whole design is meant for large, heavy people, and intense and frequent running. The deck even has an extra 2″ of width for more room making it an oversized 22″ x 60″ running surface. Everything about the treadmill spells out, I’m strong, sturdy, durable, and powerful. The 400 lb weight limit is well above average even and says a lot about the quality of the parts, design, and deck of the whole treadmill. The motor is a strong and quiet 3.5 CHP engine which has a lifetime warranty on it.

If we compare those things to the Reflex 4500 it might look a little one sided. The Nordictrack Reflex 4500 is special in different areas. As far as size goes, this has nothing on the Sole. The Reflex 4500 has a determined little 3.0 CHP motor which works quietly and smoothly. The 350 lb weight capacity is too little in my opinion. The deck is practically unbreakable. The best part of this treadmill is the deck. It’s made of such a reflexive material that it simply flexes to your feet when you run, absorbing your weight when you land, and springing you up as you lift. The feel of the treadmill is different than any other, and if you don’t the feel of running on treadmills, try the reflex before you give up on treadmills altogether. Personally it’s one of my favorites because of that aspect. The deck is only a 20″ x 55″er and just looks like a piece of wood, which in fact it is, but it’s very strong.

The Sole has a nice console with a large screen, music and speakers, a fan, 6 workouts, heart rate control, and all that mumbo jumbo. The Reflex is about the same, except it has a touch screen and 26 built in workouts. One of the swaying aspects of the Sole is the amazing warranty. They offer a lifetime on the frame, motor, and deck, as well as 5 years on parts, and 2 years on labor. That is very impressive, especially compared to the Nordictrack’s 2 years on parts, and 1 year on motor.

Here’s a little comparison table:

Sole F85

  • 3.5 CHP Motor
  • 400 lb weight capacity
  • 12MPH speed
  • 15% Incline
  • 22″ x 60″
  • Fold up with Easy lift
  • Large LCD display
  • Shock Absorption Cushioning
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Fan, 6 workout programs
  • Music Port w/ Speakers
  • Lifetime Frame, Motor, and deck
  • 5 year parts, 2 year labor
Nordictrack Reflex 4500

  • 3.0 CHP Motor
  • 350 lb weight capacity
  • 12MPH speed
  • 15% Incline
  • 20″ x 55″
  • Fold up with Easy lift
  • Large touchscreen display
  • Reflex Cushioning
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Fan, 26 workout programs
  • Music Port w/ Speakers
  • Lifetime Frame and Motor
  • 2 year parts, 1 year labor

Although I like running on the Reflex a lot, the Sole F85 provides much more confidence and promise of durability, and I’d rather have a treadmill that will last me forever than a fun treadmill that I might only get to enjoy for several years. Congratulations Sole, you win this round.

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