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Today the Treadmill Sensei is going to write about a near tragedy that occurred while reviewing today’s treadmill, the BodyCraft TR1180. In the accident, I’m sad to say, my son’s pride and ego were both killed. He wasn’t actually hurt but any chances of him ever looking cool in the eyes of the cute offices girls next door is now gone.

You see, my son and Hikaru (who have been friends since childhood) decided to take 6 of the treadmills we had in our repair bays, including the BodyCraft TR1180 treadmill I’ll be reviewing in a minute or two, and set them up so they could perform a “treadmill dance” for the DOJO crew and the fine people in the home design studio next door (including a pair of very lovely young ladies the two boys have been hoping to go out with). They decided to do this after seeing some video on YouTube and after having heard my stories of the Motus girls at the IRHSA tradeshow earlier this year.

2008 Best Buy Award Winner.

Unfortunately, the boys didn’t have some of the advantages the people in the video and the girls at IRSHA had: such as a choreographer, weeks of practice and, most importantly, natural rhythm and the ability to actually dance. Heck, they both still have problems walking straight…I can’t imagine what made them think they could dance on treadmills.

Being a fairly busy man at the DOJO I missed out on the first minute or so of the performance. What got my attention was a loud burst of cheering and the laughing of a good 20 people in what is normally a fairly empty receiving dock. Some sort of robot-sounding music could also be heard blaring in the background. Heading out I was very surprised to see the aforementioned 20 people surrounding a group of treadmills with my son and Hikaru in the midst of what I at first thought was an epileptic seizure of some sort. I was later informed the seizures were actually their “moves.”

After another minute or so of thei convulsing and hopping back and forth on the treadmills, the pair zigged instead of zagged and wound up running in to each other with a fairly loud “THUMP” as their heads collided. My son was knocked 45 degrees and fell flat in the middle of all the treadmills. Hikaru almost held his balance but tripped of my fallen son, took a face plant in to the BodyCraft TR1180’s console, went down to his knees which were pulled out from under him as he crashed in to my son. The whole group was in shock until a tiny voice came out of the mass of bodies and said, very quietly, “Ow.”

I laughed so hard I just about crapped my pants. This probably makes me a bad father because I should have rushed over to help my son out, but it was easily the funniest thing I’ve ever been blessed to see and I wish we had a video camera because the footage would have made me rich.

To end a long story, they were both ok once we shut the treadmills down. Hikaru came away with a nice sized black eye and my son was distressed that one of his shoes was torn. I readily volunteered to buy him new shoes in exchange for the day’s entertainment.

What I learned while putting the treadmills away was that inspite of being hit with the very large, very solid head of Hikaru, the BodyCraft TR1180 showed almost no damage at all. Hikaur is a big boy (he and my son both weigh in excess of 260lbs) and his full weight slammed in to the console of the TR1180 and neither it nor the upright supports were knocked loose or damaged — well, aside from a gouge in the front of the console where I assume Hikaru’s teeth impacted.

The stability and sturdiness of the frame on the BodyCraft treadmills continues to astonish me. Their use of high gauge steel (14 gauge I believe) and rock-solid welds makes the BodyCraft TR1180 a best buy treadmill under $2000. This is definitely a perfect example of a commercial quality treadmill being sold at a home treadmill price. The TR1180 is just an upgraded version of the BodyCraft TR1160, so it features the same frame and huge 20″ x 58″ deck.

Where the BodyCraft TR1180 differs is in the large commercial-quality 3.0 horsepower motor. I can say with great confidence that this is one of the best treadmill motors on the market right now, and definitely the best under $2000. I don’t want to be accused of getting creative but if you can get it up to 77 miles per hour it will let you travel through time. Seriously, tho, the TR1180’s motor, with proper care, will last 10-15 years or more.

Aside from the motor, the TR1180 treadmill features a slightly higher running speed and an included wireless chest strap. The reason to buy the BodyCraft TR1180 is if you’re looking for a heavy duty treadmill that will stand up to the most hardcore of running workouts, use in an small office or apartment style workout room, or if you just want the best possible treadmill around for under $2000.

The last thing I want to mention is BodyCraft’s “EZ Lubrication” system. If you hate trying to figure out how to properly lubricate your deck then this is a dream come true. It takes about 2 minutes to do and is the easiest lubrication system on the market. It’s easy enough that I would even let Hikaru or my son do it!

For being a remarkable, top rated treadmill and a best buy under $2000, the Treadmill gives the BodyCraft TR1180 treadmill 5 out of 5 golden buddahs and thanks it for not killing my son.

The BodyCraft TR1180 is an amazing machine and recipient of 5 gold buddahs out of 5.

Find out more about this nearly perfect treadmill and get the lowest price online.

BodyCraft TR1180 Treadmill Specifications
Motor: 3HP
Max Speed: 12mph
Max Incline: 12%
Running Area: 20′ x 58″
Display: LED/LCD
Readouts: speed, time, distance, calories, incline, pulse, pace, elev gain
Programs: 15
Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
Heart Rate Control: Yes
Folding: Yes
Max User Weight: 400lbs
Unit Weight: 275lbs
Price: Under $2000

-The Treadmill Sensei

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