The Fourth Annual Treadmill Sensei 2009-2010 Ichi-Ban “Best Buy Awards” for Treadmills

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This is always a favorite time of year when the best and the brightest try and outdo the competition with either amazing new features or super affordable prices. With the way the economy is shaping up, a major consideration for every item on this list is affordability. That is what I try and accomplish when coming up with these ratings. Because I know that there are those with unlimited means, I have also made that information available.

The Top 5 Quietest Treadmills

Number 5: Landice L7 Cardio Trainer (MSRP $4,195)…. the runners dream if you are into a quality unit. For around $3K you have a unit that will stand the winds of time.

Number 4: Lifespan TR200 (MSRP $799) you can fold and store this one. It quiet possibly will fit under the bed. Very easy to install. Not for an avid runner, but great if you want to walk.

Number 3: Smooth 9.35 HR ($1,999) Very quiet almost can’t hear it running. Has some very nice features as well! This machine has won many awards for value and we give our blessing on this machine.

Number 2:Merit Fitness 725T ($424) This is a quiet machine made by Dyaco (also make Spirit Brand Fitness Equipment). The F63 is a little louder than the Spirit XT, but at half the cost, I would expect a little noise.

The Quietest Treadmill Winner:The Sole F80 ($1,999) Sole again this year gets the highest Buddha awards for quietness. The F/80 is a work horse! It has produced year after year. These guys work hard to produce products that get the Sensei’s attention year after year.

Best Cushioned Treadmill

Number 5: Horizon T90 (MSRP $799) this is a tried and tested unit. Also manufactures of the new "Live Strong" product seen in Dicks. Go solid unit for a good reasonable price.

Number 4: NordicTrack T7 si ($999) these guys just keep kicking it up a notch! Lot of features with a good price and value, and how about the I-fit feature for your workout ? This unit has many adjustable cushion comforts for the lite user to the 350 lb. user.

Number 3: Sole TT8 ($2,300) Another product from Sole. It has been in their lineup for a while, but a great value. This unit has a 22" wide belt. Large unit for the larger person needing to get the Buddha belly out of the way!

Number 2: Reebok Vista 8500 ($999) great treadmill for the price. You can adjust the level of cushioned comfort on the side of the machine. Great idea- – – – Buda should have thought of this one!

The Best Cushioned Treadmill Winner: Esprit ET588 ($1,599) new number for a tried and tested unit. We have seen some great changes coming for this company. They have the same manufacture as Sole, but different look.

Best Looking, Best fit in the Home environment.

Number 5: Bowflex Series 7 ($1,499) great look from a company that is king of the informal. The blue backlit LCD is a nice feature to this product. Bowflex does not lack for lo
oks of this beast. It is the best offering from this company.

Number 4:Lifefitness T7.0 ($4,699) This treadmill is quite unique looking. It is on the small side and does not overtake a room like many pieces of exercise equipment can do so easily. LifeSpan has a unique motor under design that is sleek with out losing any power.

Number 3: True ES 9.0 ($5,899) The god’s of Mt. Fuji fall in awe to this product. Reason it’s not number one is the price. This product is for that customer with a budget unlimited by worldly financial constants. It is a magnificent product for those of you that can afford it!

Number 2: Sole F83 ($1,800) sole produces again with a great look for a reasonable price. Lot of nice features to go with the décor of any home, and a name you can’t go wrong with Sole.

The Best looking Treadmill Winner: Epic View 550 ($999) For the price and value looks are not everything, but this little unit is worthy of my dojo.

The Strongest Motor Treadmills

Number 5: Epic T60 ($1,099) 350 lbs. weight capacity and 3 HP motor need I say more!

Number 4: Sole F63 ($1,000) this unit keeps getting rewarded because after three years of being in the field it still works. Good value and good product.

Number 3: Xterra TR250 ($1,299) this a Dyaco product similar to Spirit. Nice features from a new comer this year. The 2.25 HP motor on the 20 X 55 belt is powerful.

Number 2: Horizon T6 ($2,199) to go 12 miles per hour and carry a 20 X 60 belt this 3 HP motor delivers. With the price just over $2K it will carry a great load.

The Strongest Motor Treadmill Winner: Smooth 5.45 ($999) smooth has been around enough years now to know the motor is one area you do not lessen. Sure there are other components just as important. Smooth delivers with this 2.5 HP beauty.

The Best Programming for Treadmills

Number 5: Pacemaster Platinum Pro VR ($2,699) Nice machine from a fantastic company. Wish they did more to sell over the net, but they have found a great market in the specialty fitness dealer. Find a good used one on the net buy it!

Number 4: Sole F85 ($2,000) Sole has had this unit for a few years and enjoyed get results. The programs are not as great as some of the top three, but you can’t go wrong with a Sole of any kind.

Number 3: Endurance TF 61HRC (N/A) good machine for features, 20 Built in Programs: Endurance, Running, Interval, Cardiovascular, Walking, Fat Burn plus, Heart rate control standard. Price over $2K but worth the effort

Number 2: Horizon T91 ($799) 9 preprograms with a user capacity of 275 l
bs. you can get years of enjoyment for the whole family from this little samurai.

The Best Programmed Treadmill Winner: Epic 450MX ($999) with 6 preprogrammed , 4 learned, and 2 heart rate programs and a great prices it’s by far the best Sensei value. Great machine!

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