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Moshi Moshi!

The Treadmill Sensei has returned to the DOJO from the recent fitness tradeshow in Colorado. We had a good time and saw a lot of interested new equipment for the upcoming year…lots of goodies! Better yet, Hikaru didn’t blow up the DOJO while I was gone.

Tonight, tho, I am going to tell you a bit about one of the biggest, heaviest duty treadmills around. The monster of which I speak is the Supertread Classic Club treadmill from Noramco…and when I say it’s bulletproof, I’m really not kidding!

The Noramco Classic Club is the airfraft carrier of treadmills. It is big — with a giant 4 horsepower motor big enough to support even the largest of users. The motor itself has Noramco’s Patented Force Multiplier with a “Geared Up” 45 Lb Computer Balanced Flywheel mounted on dedicated “front mount” bearing housings. What this means to a user is that the motor life is much improved and will proved constant, smooth speed under any load size.

Another interested feature is the metal hood that covers the motor. If you’ve ever been on a regular treadmill and accidentally stepped too far forward then you’ve run a good chance of cracking the hood. No such fear in the Noramco Classic Club treadmill. The motor housing is as solid as the rest of the unit.

The unit itself is rated with a maximum user weight of over 600 pounds. Add to that the 63×20 inch deck and you’ve got a treadmill you and a friend could run on together!

The Noramco SuperTread Classic Club Treadmill doesnt have a whole lot of bells and whistles (no programs, no folding…but it does come with heartrate monitoring!), and isn’t really even all that pretty. However, if you’ve got a high traffic gym or need a unit that will stand up to rougher gym crowds (this thing goes in to a lot of prisons, fire departments, police departments and schools), the the Noramco Classic Club will fill the bill nicely. In additional to having working on and test them myself, I’ve seen one of the Noramco reps take a screwdrive to the console to demonstrate just how unbreakable these machines are.

We do a lot of service calls to schools and fire departments here at the DOJO and I have to say, aside from clean up jobs (the self cleaning motor on the Normaco makes this an easy as pie job) and infrequent deck flips (the 13 Layer Birch and Eucalyptus Hard Wood deck takes years to run down even with thousands of hours run on a machine), there just aren’t ever any service issues with these things.

If you do get one for your home, be prepared to lay your bed on it because the Noramco SuperTread Classic Club Treadmill is a giant…make sure you have a two car garage to store it in!

For being as Unbreakable as Bruce Willis in…well, Unbreakable…the Treadmill Sensei gives the Noramco Classic Club Treadmill 4.5 Golden Buddahs out of 5.

The Secret Service's first choice in bulletproof treadmills for the President, the Classic Club gets 4.5 out of 5
If you need something to duck behind during a gunfight, choose the Classic Club Treadmill from Noramco.
Commercial Treadmills -  Noramco SuperTread Classic Club
Get more information on the Noramco ST Classic Club Treadmill and find the lowest price online

Horsepower: 4.0 DC (8+ HP Under Load)
Max User Weight: 600 lbs
Folding: No
Programs: None
Max Speed: 12 MPH
Max Incline: 15%
Rollers: 2.5 “
Display: Time, speed, distance, grade and calories (More Displays On Programmable Units)
Product: 94″ X 34 x 56″ (assembled)
Weight: 525 lbs
Deck Size: 63″ X 20″
Deck Thickness: 1″

-The Treadmill Sensei

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