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Happy Monday to one and all. It’s back to work and today I’m bringing you a little checklist of things you need to do prior to buying a treadmill. Believe it or not, there are some things that need to be done before you “bring your baby home”, so to speak! Here you go.

So here I will just give you the run down of things that you should probably do before you actually buy a treadmill. So don’t go on to a manufacture’s site ready to buy half-cocked; stay here, read this, and you will know everything that you need to prepare yourself for entering the “shopping mode”. Buckle your seat-belts, because here we go!

Floor Space

Okay this first one might seem obvious for most of you; but if you don’t, it’s OK, that is why I am here! The very first thing you need to do before you decide to buy a treadmill is make sure that you have adequate space to use the treadmill. This doesn’t mean having a space where the treadmill fits. It means having space that provides adequate room for you to operate said treadmill safely. Having a treadmill in a confined space is definitely not safe, especially so when you have the back part of the treadmill against a wall, which is something that people for some reason see as a good idea. The only good that can ever come from positioning your treadmill like that, is incredibly funny “Fail” videos, like a few of the people in this video illustrate.

So the bottom line is, make sure you have enough space so that, if an accident happens, you aren’t caught between the wall and a treadbelt moving at high speeds!

Check Its Quality

There is nothing worse than getting a treadmill that, after a few times of use, has a component break or something malfunction. Even if it is under warranty, it is still a hassle. That is why you are going to want to do a little research and make sure that it is widely viewed as a high quality machine. Ways to do this: First, you can read my reviews! Another way to go is by reading actual customer reviews. These are usually found at the manufacturer’s website. These are a great source of information because they are done by average people who have used it. Then there are review websites who’s reviews are mainly customer reviews, like All are great ways to get an idea of what a treadmill’s quality is.

Check Its Features

Another thing you need to do is look into what kind of features the treadmill you are looking at has features that you want! There is no need to buy a treadmill that is decked out with all sorts of nifty features if you aren’t going to use them! You need to decide whether you are going to use the features quite a bit, because if you don’t you are dumping quite a bit of money into something that only gets used for its basic operations and not the extra ones it was designed for. If you don’t want a treadmill with a ton of features; that is totally OK, there are treadmills that have a very low amount of features, if they have any at all. So just make sure you are going to use its features before you spend a bunch of money on those features.

Look Around For Deals

The last thing I will share with you is: do some research for getting deals! You should never settle on a treadmill’s suggested retail price. In most of my reviews I will show you treadmills that are really good deals, or are on sale. Different manufacturers will have occasional sales on holidays, or close-out treadmills. Like NordicTrack, they have close-out sales on a few of their treadmills and will usually have a different sale nearly every week. The bottom line: Do not pay full-price for a treadmill!

Well that is it, everything you need to know/do previous to buying a treadmill. Good luck in your shopping!

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