The Third Annual Treadmill Sensei 2008-2009 Ichi-Ban Best Buy Awards for Ellipticals

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New Best Buy Ellipticals: Just as the Best buy treadmills list, the elliptical list considers affordability. As we all know, there are some folks out there with unlimited budgets, if so, choose the most expensive on the list and you cannot go wrong!

Most Comfortable Elliptical:

Number 5: Lifefitness X7 ($4,299) The Whisper Stride Technology that allows users to adjust your stride for 18 inches to 24 inches. Whisper Stride not only provides comfort, but versatility in addition. The Only reason I ranked this as #5, is due to the high price.

Number 4: Horizon EX-57 ($599) This elliptical is a no brainer! The EX-57 model offers automatic resistance adjustment and magnetic braking for a frictionless, comfortable workout.

Number 3: Smooth CE3.2 (1,499) Smooth has included a heavy-duty flywheel, articulated foot pedals, and a smooth eddy current braking system. What all of this means is that the flywheel will provide a Smooth workout, the braking system does not rely on friction parts to work ( so you will never have wear or tear), and the pedals will move naturally for a more comfortable, natural workout. Click here to see the 2008 Smooth CE3.2 review.

The Most Comfortable Elliptical (tie): Spirit XE200 ($1,499) The XE200 offers oversized foot pedals that has a 2% inward tilt for unsupperpassed comfort. In addition to the pedals, a 30 LB. Flywheel truly makes this a Comfortable Workout. Click here to see the Spirit XE200 review.

The Most Comfortable Elliptical (tie): Sole E35 (1,299) The E35 also features the 2% inward tilt on the pedals. Also included on the E35 is the same heavy duty Fly Wheel and the same Eddy current braking system as Spirit! This Elliptical provides a superior level of comfort for a slow smooth workout or a hardcore marathon workout. Click here to see the Sole E35 review.

Best Programming for Ellipticals

Number 5 (tie): Spirit XE 400 ($1,899) This amazing elliptical has a heart rate control workout with a wireless chest transmitter or handgrip transmitter. This feature is not found on many elliptical under $2000! In addition to the heart rate program, there are 6 factory programs with a ton of different levels and 2 custom programs.

Number 5 (tie): Sole E55 ($1,499) this elliptical allow your body to do all of the thinking! The Heart Rate Autopilot is wonderful for someone trying to get the best heart health workout. In addition to the Autopilot program, the Sole also has 6 factory programs with 20 levels of resistance and 2 custom programs, giving users an unbelievable variety. Click here to see the Sole E55 review.

Number 4: Precor EFX 5.17i ($2,799) this elliptical does not have the great programs that Lifefitness offers, but users get a great variety with the 20 different effort levels. Precor also offers an optional heart rate kit, which allows users to utilize Precors Phenomenal club heart rate system that customizes to each user.

Number 3: Lifefitness X7 (4,299) A ton of programs, but a ton of money! You get club programming from Lifefitness at home with heart control! I would list all the programs, but we would be here all night. Let us just say if you have the $$$ and you like a ton of programs, this is IT!

Number 2: Horizon EX-67 ($799) With a super affordable price and 13 programs featured on a beautiful orange backlit console. The X-67also offers heart rate grip on the handles, which is great for this price range. Also offered is a build your own program.

The Best Programmed Elliptical: Octane Q 47 ($3,999) Normally, I would not have placed this as the BEST due to the affordability factor, but this is a truly amazing machine. This machine is your own personal trainer to use whenever you are available. This is the BEST!

Fits in the Home Best- The Best Looking Ellipticals

Number 5: Precor EFX 5.17i ($2,799) This model has classic looks of the original Precor ellipticals. The quality is unsurpassed, and with the beautiful styling, this is a great elliptical to look at!

Number 4: Sole E25 ($1,099) Sole truly looks like a piece of modern art, and offers a great workout! This elliptical offers a classic black and grey color that is accented with a smoked red console that looks more like a sports car than a piece of fitness equipment. Click here to see the Sole E25 review.

Number 3: Esprit EL-5 ($999) Spirit has made an elliptical that will coordinate with any décor. They have a white color on the support bars that is very visually pleasing and unassuming. Click here to see the Esprit EL-5 review.

Number 2: Horizon EX-77($1,099) The EX-77 is simple yet functional, which many find uber appealing! This is not going to jump out and bite anyone that is in the same room with it, which is pleasing to many.

The Best-Looking Elliptical: The Vision S7200 HRT ($3,799) offers space aged looks and features with a beefy frame design, this could also be considered a work of art. This truly is “Sports Art”.

Best Feel Ellipticals

Number 5: Precor EFX 5.17i ($2,799) Here it is again! Precor’s design cannot be beat! The EFX 5.17i has a fantastic feel, and if you like their club models, you will love this model

Number 4: Octane Q35 ($2,199) This models has the “Q-factor” which means a small distance between foot pedals, which in turn means less stress on the joints. This means a great and comfortable workout. Also included on the Q35 is their body mapping ergonomics and Quadlink drive that makes this feel one of the best of the best.

Number 3: Sole E95 ($1,699) This is a quality and affordable machine wrapped into one! This machine has a club quality feel with an affordable home price. Click here to see the Sole E95 review.

Number 2: Vision X6200 ($1,999) the X6200 has many great comfort features like the variable durometer foot pedals, versatile stride length, and the Quiet Glide belt system with a heavy fly wheel that makes this a dream to use.

The BEST feel on an Elliptical: Smooth Agile DMT ($2,999) Besides the articulated foot pedals that are heavily cushioned and offer shock absorption to your joints, this machine also offers 12 biomechanically correct motions combined with 20
different effort levels that allow users to have complete control over their workout and their bodies.

Best Ellipticals to Avoid Foot Numbness

Number 5: Horizon AT1501 Ascent Trainer ($1,799) This design gives a true climbing motion, which help alleviate some of the numbness issues that many have on ellipticals. This machine is so well designed that Horizon did not even need to pad the pedals. If the pedals had an additional cushion, I probably would have listed this higher on the list.

Number 4: Cybex 600a Arc Trainer ($3,799) Unique! That describes the look and feel of this machine. This is defiantly a conversation piece with a unique look. The arc motion that you get when using this piece is going to help avoid foot numbness, in addition to give users a great workout. This machine would be perfect if the price were not out of so many peoples budget.

Number 3: Octane Q37 ($2,599) The Design and pedal spacing eliminates any problems with foot numbness. Comfort is always a major consideration on all Octane Ellpiticals, and this one is right on target.

Number 2: Spirit XE 500 ($2,099) The XE 500 offers biomechanically correct motion and an adjustable ramp for proper positioning while working out. On top of those incredible features, Spirit also made foot pedals that are angled at 2% toward the middle of the machine for ultimate comfort, and to insure all users maintained proper foot positioning.

The Best Elliptical to Avoid Foot Numbness: Sole E35 ($1,299) Sole has integrated the 2%^ angle toward the middle of their machine in all of their ellipticals, which gives all of their Machines an A+ in avoiding foot numbness, but the E35 has the best combo of function, features, design and value price that we can find anywhere out there. Click here to see the Sole E35 review.

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