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This is always a favorite time of year when the best and the brightest try and outdo the competition with either amazing new features or super affordable prices. With the way the economy is shaping up, a major consideration for every item on this list is affordability. That is what I try and accomplish when coming up with these ratings. Because I know that there are those with unlimited means, I have also made that information available.

The Top 5 Quietest Treadmills

Number 5: The Wood way Desmo H ($12,995)…. If you have caught your breathe from that sticker shock, I would rate this as the most quiet, but the affordability issue brings this down to a number 5. I considered not even placing this model on the list due to the price, but this is just the quietest thing out there! If you have the cash, this is an amazing machine, by an amazing Company!

Number 4: Epic View 550 ($998) this is a Sams Club Special that has a great price! This machine is very quiet, and also includes a TV monitor that you can actually listen to (and hear) while working out due to lack of machine noise!

Number 3: Spirit XT 675 ($2399) this is a super quiet machine. This price does tend to scare folks away, but you are getting what you pay for with this thing!

Number 2: Sole F63 ($1,099) This is a quiet machine made by Dyaco (also make Spirit Brand Fitness Equipment). The F63 is a little louder than the Spirit XT, but at half the cost, I would expect a little noise. Click here to see the 2008 Sole F63 review.

The Quietest Treadmill Winner: The BodyCraft TR1180 ($1,999) this treadmill is the very best when it came to noise, or lack of noise! I do not know who they have in their engineering department, but WOW! This treadmill has a low friction design that is muffled by the amazingly soft orthopedic belt. Click here to see the Bodycraft TR1180 review.

Best Cushioned Treadmill

Number 5: Woodway Desmo H ($12,995) Once again, woodway has the best cushion system around. Unfortunately, due to the extreme price, this is out of most peoples Budget.

Number 4: True PS 800 ($3699) True offers a patented cushioning system that is amazing, but the price is still cost prohibitive for most people. The great thing about True treadmills is the fact that the replicate the normal running motion with a cushioned landing and then gradual stiffening when runners push off for their next step. This is a great treadmill, but again, the price makes these 4 out of 5 due to the price.

Number 3: Nordictrack Elite zi ($1,499) this treadmill offers a great design and the adjustable cushioning is amazing, and will take users from a relatively firm feel to a smooth softness on its lowest setting. Adjustable cushioning tends to be on more expensive machines, but Nordictrack was ahead of their time by placing this wonderful feature on a value priced piece of their equipment!

Number 2: Horizon GS1040T ($899) The Horizon GS1040T is half the price of the Nordicktrack Elite zi, but offers a decent cushioning system for this price range. If you can afford to spend a little more, and cushioning is super important to you, go with the Nordicktrack Elite, but if you can not spend that much the GS1040T on its softest setting is a great choice for your Money!

The Best Cushioned Treadmill Winner: Smooth 5.45 ($988) Smooth has started putting their patented Swing Arm Cushioning System on Lower end models, and man does it make a difference. The Swing Arm system was only found on Smooth High end and Commercial treads until recently. The Swing Arm system reacts directly to the weight of the user to provide additional cushioning. In addition to the cushioning provided, the deck has shock absorbers. With this system, users do not experience that bouncy or spring feeling you can get with some cushioning on the market.

Best Looking, Best fit in the Home environment.

Number 5: Lifefitness 5-5 ($4,199) This is a FANTASTIC looking treadmill. If this were priced a little less it would be much higher on our list. The $4,199 price tag puts this beauty at a solid 5!

Number 4: LifeSpan TR2000 ($1,499) This treadmill is quite unique looking. It is on the small side and does not overtake a room like many pieces of exercis
e equipment can do so easily. LifeSpan has a unique motor under design that is sleek with out losing any power.
Click here to see the Lifespan TR2000HRC review.

Number 3: Horizon Evolve SG ($599) The reason this one HAD to make the list is for the unbelievable fact that it DISAPPEARS! This treadmill is so slim that it can be place in a closet or under a bed EASILY! This treadmill is not made for heavy runners, but if you are a walker and want an invisible piece of equipment, this is IT!

Number 2: FreeMotion T5.8 ($3,499) Not only is this a piece of fitness equipment, but to some it could be considered art. This single mast, flared piece is stunning yet stark in appearance. This is a great conversation piece, but I am not sold on the long term cushioning system. If this model can maintain its Reflex Deck, this also could be the softest treadmill on the market!

The Best looking Treadmill Winner: SportsArt TR20 ($2,099) This treadmill is a looker! The TR 20 has been redesigned, and man did they ever! This is a moderately priced treadmill that looks like no other. If you like to be cutting edge, the TR20 is your model!

The Strongest Motor Treadmills

Number 5: Pacemaster Bronze ($1,799) Pacemaster did an amazing thing and put the same motor found in many $3K and $4K machines in a $1,799 Model. The Bronze features a big, American made motor for under $2k, what more could you want?

Number 4: Nordicktrack Elite 7500 ($1,999) The Elite 7500 offers a huge 3.5 HP motor for a fairly moderate price. This treadmill, besides having a huge motor, also comes backed by one of the largest well known fitness companies in the industry. For under 2K you can get the Elite with a great entertainment package. This is a quality Treadmill.

Number 3: SpiritXT675 ($2,399) Spirit one upped the Annie when the put a 3.5 HP motor in an already exceptional machine. The Spirit XT675 is a solid machine with quiet performance.

Number 2: Sole S77 ($1,899) The Sole S77 has the identical motor as the Spirit XT675. What makes that so great is the fact that the Sole S77 is $500 less! This motor is strong, and with the high quality design that Dyaco continues to produce this is a super model at a super price! Click here to see the Sole S77 review.

The Strongest Motor Treadmill Winner: Vision T9800HRT ($4,799) I know, I know WOW what a price! But I would be crazy if I did not feature this as the strongest treadmill on the market! The Vision T9800HRT has a 5 HPAC SYSTEM! This thing could push a pack of elephants! Vision has always been an amazing name in fitness, but they have outdone themselves on this model!

The Best Programming for Treadmills

Number 5: Lifefitness Platinum Club 15 inch LCD TV/Movie Touch screen ($7,999) well, at that price you would expect a FABU entertainment package! This is everyone’s dream treadmill, and if you can afford it, I am coming over to use it!

Number 4: Precor 9.35 ($4,699) Precor is using there best programs from their Club models. This really makes this one of the best programmed machines on the market. The only drawback to this specific model is that for about ½ the cost you can get a model with similar programming. Great model, just make sure you need the extra programming for the price.

Number 3: Nordicktrack Elite XT ($1,699) This could arguable is the best in this category, but at almost $1700 this puts it out of many peoples comfort zone. The Elite XT offers everything from a TV to great programs to keep anyone entertained. If you can afford the additional $$, this will be well worth your entertaining dollar.

Number 2: Horizon T93 ($1,299) Horizon has made the T93 perfect for anyone that needs additional motivation while getting a great workout! The T93 has a ton of programming options on an easy to read screen, with an amazing price!

The Best Programmed Treadmill Winner: Nordictrack T9ci ($1,099) Nordictrack has again amazed me! They are offering a quality treadmill, with a touchscreen and a ton of programs for just over 1K! This treadmill has enough programs to keep anyone from getting bored!

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