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Good day to you all. Now not too long ago I posted about Treadmill Safety, well today I thought I would include all runners by posting about being safe while running outside!

Before you lace up your running shoes and hit the pavement; there are a few things that you should know and be aware of so that you can exercise safely. The first thing that you should be aware of when going out to run is:

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Wearing the appropriate clothing when going running is extremely important. When I say wear appropriate clothing, I mean that in every type of situation; whether it be daytime, nighttime, or different weather conditions. The number one thing you need to remember is to wear bright colored, or easily seen, colors when you are running, either in daytime or night. Visibility is your top priority! When the sun is out shining and doing its thing, and the temperature seems like it is the surface is the sun; you need to wear loose fitting clothing that isn’t going to constrict you and raise your body temperature to a point that is sure to give you heat stroke. You also need to wear clothing in cold weather that is going to keep you warm, but not too warm. Also, if the weather looks like it could change in a heartbeat and start raining, and you still want to go running, it would be wise to pack a rain poncho!

Pack A Cellphone

This is good for many reasons. One being that if you get stuck somewhere due to inclement weather, you can have some way of getting a hold of your spouse/friend so they can come pick you up. Another reason is if you get lost on your run, and you really don’t know where you are; well don’t worry because you brought a cell phone and you can call someone to come to your aid! Another big reason that carrying a cell phone with you on runs is that if you just come upon a situation that needs you to call emergency services. It is just a good idea to have a way to immediately contact somebody if the need arises.

Leave Your iPod at the Treadmill

Listening to your music while running outside, listening to it while running on a treadmill is a better idea! I know it sounds like I’m speaking blasphemy; but before you grab your torch and pitchforks and come to string me up from the highest branch from a tree, hear me out! What happens when you block your ears and blast a bunch of noise in them? If your answer is anything but “you can’t hear anything outside of your music”, you were wrong! Yes, you can’t hear anything outside of your music when you are listening to it while you run; not a dog about to sink a bite right into your calf, not a speeding cyclist that is yelling at you to move, not a car that is approaching behind you and can’t see you. So if you have those earphones in blasting what you call music, how are you supposed to be aware of your surroundings!?

Pack Along Some Common Sense As Well!

I’m going to throw cycling in with this category as well in response to the many cyclists I see straddling the bike lane line, instead of being inside of it safely and comfortably. They make sidewalks and bike lanes for a reason, and that reason isn’t just so you can see how close you can get to vehicles. Sure it’s great that you are “making a statement” and making sure your rights as a cyclist/runner are protected, or whatever; but cars aren’t going to turn into jelly when they hit you because of your daring escapade. Cars are a pretty solid and immovable thing and from the resulting collision the car might have a couple of dents and dings; you, however will be in much worse shape. So use that head of yours while you are out cycling/running and be cautious of all vehicles as you are not certain if they even see you.

The bottom line people is be smart while you are out there running. All in all, if something doesn’t feel right about where you are going, then turn around and go somewhere else. Be safe!

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