Using Medicine Balls to Strengthen Your Core

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Good day to all of my readers! What do you say we take a break from the treadmill reviews for a little while, eh? I have another exercise tip for you all today. This one is how you can get a great workout and strengthen your core by using a medicine ball.

The medicine ball may seem simple, but it is often that the most simple and basic exercise equipment can bring about great things. In the case of core and upper body strength, this is going to be the most effective piece of equipment available to you because of how easy it is to use and its wide variety of workouts, you can exercise any part of your body. The medicine ball allows for exercises that have a much larger range of motion than traditional weights.

Added range of motion is going to target a wider variety of muscles, this is going to reverberate and create tension deep down in the core muscles of your body. Whether you want to build pectoral muscles or just tighten your abdomen, adding this to your fitness arsenal is going to be a great benefit. If you want to really tighten and shrink your tummy, you will want to do the Russian twist. Yeah, it sounds like a strong mixed drink, but it is actually an intense core muscle workout.

Hold the medicine ball directly out in front of your body and rotate your shoulders from left to right, while holding your hips in place and keeping your feet planted. This routine is going to develop core muscles in the stomach and really shrink that gut you got from drinking to many drinks with funny Russian names.

Another great exercise to tone and tighten your body with is the squat press. Everybody knows that the squat creates some amazing tension in the lower back all the way down to the tippy toes, but with the medicine ball you can actually equal out the exercise and make it a whole body workout. Simply hold the medicine ball in your hands and every time you stand up, press the ball into the air. Then bring it back down and enter into the squat again.

It is by doing exercises like these that you are going to tighten your core muscles and shrink your waistline. However if you are trying to create a stronger abdomen with muscles that bulge out of your tight tank top shirts, you can do what is called the rocky solo exercise. Sit on the ground with your legs together and straightened out in front of you. Hold the medicine ball in both hands, now press it on the ground a little behind your back on the left, pick it up and then press it on the ground to your right. This is how you work those side abdomen muscles and get them ripped as well.

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