The Horizon EX33 Elliptical Review — A pretty darn good elliptical for a great price

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When people find out I work in the fitness industry in general, and do treadmill / elliptical repair and service in specific, I get asked a lot of questions. One of the most common is “what is the best elliptical to buy under $1000?” Since there is no hard and fast rule or guideline for what exactly is “the best,” I can just go on my own opinion and experience. Hmmm…scratch that last statement because the Treadmill Sensei knows all and sees all, and his word is now Law.

For those of you who have done any sort of research in to quality equipment, Horizon Fitness should be a very familiar name. As the residential arm of Johnson Tech, Horizon Fitness has been making high quality treadmills and ellipticals for quite a few years now. I believe we’ve been servicing Horizon equipment for about 3 years now and I’d say 90% of it comes from moving damage — you just don’t see a lot of issues on these machines as the result of working out on them. In fact, the majority of the problems come from cracked shrouds.

This past year, Horizon has updated their old Horizon E53 Elliptical with the new Horizon EX33 Elliptical. I was a bit skeptical at first because of the great feel of the old Horizon E53 units, but the Horizon EX33 has won me over with great performance and a smooth feel. Don’t be fooled with the smaller footprint of the Horizon EX33 Elliptical as compared to some of the larger home units, such as the New Balance 9.5e. The stride is a full 18 inches and the shorter EX33 allows for easy rear entry for those of you who dislike the unsteadiness of the side mounting machines.

With the solid upfront weight and heavy, 14 pound flywheel, the Horizon EX33 Elliptical is very solid and sturdy and will hold up to even the hardest of workouts.

The unit has 7 preset programs, 10 resistance levels, heart rate monitoring and control, and a spiffy little bright blue LCD screen which makes all your necessary workout information available at a quick glance.

With a great track record and solid engineering, the Horizon EX33 Elliptical Trainer gives you some of the best performance from an elliptical priced at under $1000. I rate the EX33 Elliptical as a better buy than Horizon’s EX44 elliptical because, for about $200 less, you’re not losing much at all over the Horizon EX33 Elliptical’s bigger brother. Look to pay around $750-800 for the Horizon EX33 Elliptical online…Oh, and one of the online ordering benefits is that most retailers offer free inside delivery on Horizon units.

I give the Horizon EX33 Elliptical a well deserved 4.5 Golden Buddahs out of 5.

The EX33 Elliptical from Horizon gets 4.5 gold Buddahs out of 5
The Treadmill Sensei gives the Horizon EX33 Elliptical a 4.5 out of 5!

Horizon EX33 Elliptical Specifications
Transport Wheels: Yes
Dual Action: Yes
Stride Length: 18″
Step Up Height: 23cm
Maximum Weight Capacity: 275 lbs.
Resistance Type: Electronic
Resistance Control: Magnetic
Resistance Levels: 10
Heart Rate Monitoring: Yes
Heart Rate Control: Yes
Programs: 7 preset; 6 interval and 1 heart rate
Display Type: Blue backlit LCD screen
Power Requirements: 12V
Special Features: Single touch resistance controls and a built in personal cooling fan, 2 compartments to store a water bottle and mp3 player
Grade: Residential

-The Treadmill Sensei

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