The Horizon EX66 Elliptical Review – A solid hit for under $800

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The 2007/2008 Horizon Fitness ellipticals and treadmills have arrived! Well, they actually arrived about 10 days ago on a truck but this is my first real chance to get to talk about them. Back when the Treadmill Sensei heard the new units were out a month or so ago, I decided I needed to order up a few units to check out and review. So, 2 weeks and $3000 later, we’ve got in a couple of their new ellipticals and treadmills to check out and review.

When we opened up the box for the Horizon EX66 elliptical I was pleasantly surprised to see a slick new design for the unit. While Horizon stuck with a slightly updated version with the EX56, they instead decided to go with a complete upgrade for the EX66 elliptical. Based on what appears to be a much heavier duty version of their Merit ellipticals, the Horizon EX66 elliptical one of the niftiest new designs I’ve seen on an elliptical priced at under $1000.

At about the same weight as last year, the Horizon EX66 features a lot less plastic than the old EX65 did. The shroud is now tighter and heavier than before which will give users of over 200 pounds a very stable platform to work out on. It also features the same solid 14.5 pound flywheel as before.

The upgrades on the unit are great. The Horizon EX66 now features articulating foot pedals and a very natural feeling pedal placement. Last year I felt the pedals were a bit too far apart for my taste, but now they feel very similar to what you might find in higher priced units from Spirit or Vision. Over the course of my ten workouts of 30-45 minutes, I found the Horizon EX66 elliptical to be one of the best feeling ellipticals I’ve seen under $1000. A definite best buy.

The other upgrades come in the form of a new easier-to-use console featuring 14 programs, 4 more than last year’s model. Horizon has done a great job in its program selection and has developed a fitness package that will challenge light users and hardcore fitness buffs alike.

The only downside I found was in the 1 year parts and labor warranty. I really wish Horizon would beef those up to 2 years for the part. Now, the 1 year warranty is very competitive with everything else in the budget price range, but going up to 2 years would make the EX66 elliptical a homerun.

For a customer on a budget or looking for a best buy elliptical for under $800, the Horizon EX66 shines and gets 4.5 out of 5 golden buddahs from the Treadmill Sensei.

A great new design gets the Horizon EX66 4.5 gold buddahs.

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Horizon EX66 Elliptical Specifications
Stride: 18″
Flywheel: 14.5 lbs
Articulating Footpedals: Yes
Display: LCD
Programs: 14
Resistance: 10 Levels
Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
Heart Rate Control: Yes
Max User Weight: 275 lbs
Unit Weight: 160lbs
Price: Under $800

-The Treadmill Sensei

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