Proform Tour De France Exercise Bike

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Proform Tour De France Bike

I know I’ve been writing about mostly treadmills lately. However, recently an exercise bike has been getting so much attention, that I thought I should review it for you guys. This bike, The Proform Tour De France has been selling like crazy since it came out just a few weeks ago. I’m not as experienced with these exercise bikes as I am with Treadmills, however I have had my fair share of chances to check them out and ride them. A lot of the same principles of a good treadmill apply to these. The quietness and solidness tells you a lot. Exercise bikes don’t have a motor so there’s not really any power source to worry about other than your feet.

The Proform Le Tour De France is Proform’s new best model. If you compare any of the specs to their other models, it wins in each category. When compared to the specs of models of other brands, it still comes out on top in most aspects. The bike overall is simply a high quality, high-end exercise bike.

The bike uses SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance rather than mechanical parts. Mechanical parts wear out over time, and are usually a little noisy. Silent magnetic resistance uses magnets to make the resistance stronger or weaker. The magnets never wear out, and they make absolutely no noise. It’s a much better method, and is a good sign of a quality bike. Another good feature of this bike is that it’s recumbent, meaning the rider is leaned forward rather than sitting upright. This is much more natural and feels almost exactly like a normal outdoor bike. If you’re trying to work your biking ability, this bike is probably the best outdoor bike simulator.

The console is one of the most advanced on the market. It uses Google Maps to simulate any trail on any terrain. This is huge. Especially for experienced bikers who want to practice certain routes or races before the event. The 20% incline and Decline is one of the main features of this bike. It is automatically adjusted based on the terrain of the trail according to Google Maps’ measurements. Google maps has it all built in, so you just pick your route, and start pedaling. It has a very smart “intelligent wind resistance” feature that calculates any extra wind resistance based on your weight and speed, and adds it to the workout. The bike also has Ifit Live built into it so you can track your times and distances and all your stats easily. As far as innovation goes. I give this bike a good recommendation. Same goes for quality, silence, strength and smoothness. the bike really is worth the $1,299 it’s at right now when compared to other bikes in the class.

The bike gets its name because of how well it can simulate the ups and downs of the outdoors. Even the most hilly races, such as the Tour De France. The rider you see in the picture is Lewis Elliot, a Former US National Team Cyclist who is endorsing the bike. He says “The ‘Tour De France Trainer’ is incredible because it has a very realistic road feel. In over 20 years of riding trainers, I’ve never ridden anything even close. My favorite features are the Google Maps iPhone application, and that the bike actually rotates up or down based on uphills and downhills. The “Tour De France Trainer” is by far the closest stationary bicycle to the road I’ve ever experienced! Five stars!”

other features include:

  • adjustable padded seat
  • 350 lb weight capacity
  • oversized pedals with toe cages
  • 24 built in workouts
  • Polar Wireless Chest strap Heart Rate Monitor
  • Ifit Live Built in
  • Ipod Dock w/Speakers

I have a feeling this bike is going to pick up more and more in the coming months. It’s on the road to becoming a big hit among exercise bikes. The bike feels smooth and comfortable, looks great, and is in an affordable price range. You can check out more about it at the Proform website:.

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